Sunday, April 30, 2017

Z is for Zoom

For this year’s A to Z Challenge, I’m writing drabbles based on words I got from a random word generator.  A drabble is a short piece of fiction of exactly 100 words.



Mike climbed into the Cosmix Model 27-B Racer and fastened the harness.  He’d been eyeing the sleek black and green hull of the ship for months, daydreaming about taking it out for a spin around the system.
He’d passed the flight test in a bulkier and far less attractive shuttle.  Now he was getting his chance.
Then he got his clearance.  He slid out of the shuttle bay, and the star-speckled blackness of space embraced him.  Mike accelerated, savoring the way his body sank back into the seat as he zoomed through the deep. 
He didn’t plot a course.  


  1. Wonder if he could beat Han's record for the Kessel Run in that thing... (keeping in mind that what Han actually did was bend space around the Maw, a parsec is not a measure of speed :P)

  2. Now that is a good story starter!

    Congrats on finishing the A to Z challenge. I so loved your drabbles!! I hope some of them will turn into longer stories.

    DB McNicol | Oh, the places we will go! | Zippo & Zion

  3. You're making me wonder now. Do people in sci fi stories have to take a driver's test to fly a ship? Do test drives happen? Are there dealers?????? LOL

    Congrats on finishing the challenge.

  4. Hope Mike's journey of discovery goes well! Congrats on completing the Challenge!