Wednesday, August 16, 2017

WEP: Reunions

It's time for Write Edit Publish with Yolanda Renee and Denise Covey.  This month's theme is reunions.  There are so many possibilities with this month's theme.  Let's begin!

Tips for Surviving a Class Reunion

#1-Don’t let Facebook intimidate you.
            In the era of social media, people share everything.  What they eat, how much they exercise, the job promotions they got, etc.  People want to share their successes with the world (who doesn’t?), but the ability to pick and choose what gets shared can make it appear as if someone’s life is perfect.  This is a lie.
            Think of it this way.  Do you share a photo of yourself first thing in the morning complete with bedhead and eye boogers?  No.  Do you share that video of you trying a complicated dance move, tripping over a railing, and falling butt-first into a rose bush?  Of course not!  You don’t need to.  Someone you know will do it for you unless you destroy the evidence!  But if you’re not sharing that stuff yourself, your old classmates probably aren’t either.  This doesn’t mean those moments of humiliation don’t exist.
            People lie and manipulate facts on the internet all the time.  Shocking, right?

#2-Bring a buffer.
            If you have a significant other or friend who went to a different school than you did, drag them along with you.  This will help keep any awkward moments from getting too bad.  If the class bully asks if you ever fully recovered from that atomic wedgie, introduce them to your buffer.  What if a classmate approaches you about hooking up with their sweetheart senior year?  (You didn’t know they were dating!  How could you when you were always at the tail end of the gossip train?)  “Hey, I’d like you to meet [insert buffer’s name here].”  At the very least, they likely won’t try to punch you through your significant other’s face.  And if they do, it’ll make them look bad in front of everyone else.
            The down side to this is your friend/significant other may learn some embarrassing details about your teenage life.  If they love you enough to tag along for this, they probably won’t be too merciless with this newly acquired information.

#3-Practice your introduction.
            These people knew who you were a long time ago.  You’ve presumably changed a lot since then.  Even if you’re the same inept weirdo you were in high school, you don’t need to leave your ex-classmates with that impression.  Think of it like a job interview.  It’s all about framing the things you’ve accomplished in the right way.  Are you a waitress?  Congratulations!  Now you’re a food delivery technician!  Do you clean toilets?  Now you’re a health and sanitation expert.  Your job may not be glamorous, but other people don’t need to know that.  Presentation is crucial.

#4-Have an exit strategy ready.
            Reunions may be a good chance to catch up with old friends.  They might also be the perfect chance for old dramas to rear their head and strike.  A casual conversation can turn to one of bitterness and contempt quickly, and you should be prepared for that.  Have your buffer fake a medical emergency.  Have a friend on standby ready to call with an excuse to leave.
            You could also decide to tell people what you really think of them and casually stroll out afterwards.  You are an adult and free to leave at any time, after all.  You may even look just a little bit badass while you do it.  Unless you trip over your own feet on the way out.  Which you will, let’s face it.  That’s how these things work.

#5-Remember that you never need to see these people again.
            At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how bad you mess up.  It doesn’t matter in the slightest what any of them think of you or of what you did with your life.  They may be a part of your past, but they don’t have to be a part of your future if you don’t want them to be.  The sooner you embrace this fact, the more fun you’ll have.
            Have a happy reunion everyone!

Word Count: 660 words


  1. Luckily for me, school reunions aren't too common over here (as far as I know!) so hopefully I'll never have to worry about one. I doubt many people from school would remember me, anyway - I was the token quiet girl.
    Great job with the prompt!

  2. Facebook is like a clip show, only shows the best parts. No eye boogers allowed lol Never have to see them again is the key, plus if you never go, never have to anyway.

  3. I like your tips for going to a reunion even though I don't attend them. One of the reasons being, I'm too far away and much too busy.
    Shalom aleichem,

  4. I've never attended a reunion, family or high school. Sometimes it pays to be the black sheep!

    Funny! But great advice!

  5. Never went to my own high school reunions as I'm 3000 miles away, but went to a couple with hubs for his reunions. Not a fan of reunions. The past should stay in the past. . .with very few exceptions.

  6. I really like your advice. Particularly on the exit line. However, this inept nerd DIDN'T have a good time at school and has no wish to revisit. I don't (usually) hope that they met the same cruelty they dished out, but don't want to see them again.

  7. Great tips. I'm having a reunion of sorts right now. Two of my university friends are staying with me for a few days; one came from Israel, another from Los Angeles. It's the first meeting between the three of us in almost 40 years. Very interesting experience.

  8. Heh, heh, L.G. Now I know why I've never bothered attending a class reunion. Family reunions are another matter and highly anticipated.

    Thanks for this interesting, informative post on REUNIONS. Some people may actually use these tips and it may smooth out the class reunion.

    As always, thanks for participating in WEP. I always look forward to your posts.

    Denise :-)

  9. Haha great tips! I'm blaming FB for all the reunion horror stories from now on.

    Seriously though, I've been to a few reunions of childhood friends, mostly small gatherings, even one on one, and they can be simply magical. Just picked up where we left off and the years between vanished. The key I think is to get together with people you got along with in the first place :)

  10. *LOL* I love this! I went right to #5 with any of my reunions. I never needed to see those people again. I've never went nor am I ever going to a school reunion. :)

  11. Very, very true!! Glad to find you at WEP! ;)

  12. That was a unique take on the prompt. I liked it.

  13. Good advice. I think it would be useful to have Harry Potter's talent to blow people up into huge balloons.

  14. Hilarious! Excellent writing here. I've never had this experience, but I've seen movies (which I'm sure are exaggerated). But this reminds me of the books of yours that I've read, which made me laugh. So great job keeping to your awesome voice. :)

  15. Yikes. This validates my negative feelings about reunions. And why would anyone want to go to one? Good to have the exit strategies ready. :)

  16. Hi LG - I'm sure all these things happen - luckily I don't do FB or the other things ... I've tried to stick along with blogging friends and so far there's no cross-over. Reunions ... I keep up with friends around the world ... but that's about it - I have been back to school with another friend from school days - but like to be ready to leave - always have done. Cheers - great tips and thoughts ... Hilary