Thursday, April 18, 2019

Masquerade Ball Bloghop: Day #1

The release day for Masquerade: Oddly Suited is fast approaching! We, the authors, thought it would be fun to have a bloghop leading up to the book's release on April 30th! Let me tell you how this works.

Today I'm hosting one of my fellow authors. My guest will remain anonymous as this is the "masked" part of our masquerade ball. Each author will "unmask" his or her own character on April 30th. What a way to celebrate release day! Welcome to the Masquerade Ball Bloghop!

Are you curious about who today's author is? To help tide you over, here are a few facts the author decided to share about themselves. "Not long ago, I dreamed about traveling the world while never believing that I would. Then, on a whim and avoiding an ‘empty nest’, I moved overseas to take a new job. Today, I have been to every continent except for South America and Antarctica and it was all thanks to an offer I never expected. Now, I have so many memories that I reflect upon for inspiration in my writing. It was simply meant to be."

That sounds exciting, doesn't it? Now here's a sneak peak teaser that you will not find in the publication. Think of it as a little bonus scene to acquaint you with the characters. Enjoy!


From my vantage point atop this hill, my eyes stroll the landscape from the distant South Mountains, the Round Tops, and Culp's Hill. I imagine war machines ejecting their missiles of destruction from those very summits. I hear the echoes of the clashing of arms, the report of musket fire, and the thunder of cannons. The images I conjure seem so real.
While I am caught up in my daydreaming, a fast-moving fog settles around me and a chill races down my spine. I am not one to ignore my intuition, so I stow my binoculars and zip up my backpack. Just as I turn to leave, a sudden burst of brilliant light blinds me. As the light sparks and flares, burning brightly and then dimming, a shadow settles in the distance. I blink and my vision clears. Even though it is impossible from this distance, I see a soldier standing just inside the doorway of a small building, beckoning me to him with a raised hand. One moment I am miles away and the next, I am standing in a small room before the beckoning soldier.
I turn in a full circle and then ask, “How?”
He doesn’t answer. Instead, he dips his chin toward a wounded soldier lying upon a cot in the corner, an old woolen blanket covering him from chin to toes.
I glance down at the soldier’s face framed by the frayed edges of the blanket, and my breath leaves my body in a loud whoosh! I know that face, those eyes. They are his face and eyes. And when he glances my way, his familiar smile causes my heart to skip a beat. It’s a smile I can never forget for I see it every night in my dreams.
I turn to question the soldier, but he has vanished. Glancing around the room, I take in its sparse furnishings, and then I move closer to the injured man.       
“Is it really you?”
His brow furrows. “Have we met?”
A wave of sadness rushes over me. I wait for it to dissipate and then nod. “Yes. I believe we have.”           
He dips his chin and says, “You look familiar, but I am certain I would remember you if we had met.”
I don't know what to say, so I ask, “Is your injury a bad one? Are you in pain?"     
He shifts under the blanket and groans, his blue eyes dulling to gray. “Yes, it is pretty bad, miss.” My breath catches when he calls me miss. He has called me that before. I know it.
“Savi Jo...My name is Savi Jo. Are you suffering much then?”
“I am now, Savi Jo, but come morning I'll be better. And I'm Sam.”
I think, Sam. That sounds just right. Please, Sam, What can I do to help?” I need to do something, anything that might ease his pain.
Our eyes lock and the calmness in his blue ones soothes me. He asks, “Will you promise me one thing?”
“Yes, of course I will. Anything.”
Will you remember me, Savi Jo?”
“I will. Always, Sam.”
Then that’s all the medicine I require.”
I nod and without forethought or intent, I lean down, touching my lips to his cheek and whisper, “Bye, Sam.”
“Goodbye, Savi Jo.” I turn and walk away, down the steps and through the brilliance, straight into the darkness.
I feel Sam’s eyes follow me into the void, and a faint whisper wafts all around me. Round and round it blows. “Don't forget your promise, Savi.”
My heart whispers in response, “I never will, Sam.”        

Wow! Wasn't that great? I hope you all enjoyed it! Can you guess which of the Masquerade authors I hosted? No peeking! "Don your mask and join the party!"


Thur. April 18th: L.G. Keltner

Fri. April 19th: Jennifer Lane

Sat. April 20th: Deborah Solice

Mon. April 22nd: CD Gallant-King

Tues. April 23rd: Elizabeth Mueller

Wed. April 24th: Chelsea Marie Ballard

Thurs. April 25th: Carrie-Ann Brownian

Fri. April 26th: Myles Christensen

Sat. April 27th: Anstice Brown

Mon. April 29th: Angela Brown

Tues. Apr 30th: Book Release and The Unmasking (Just follow links above)!                            



    Oh and I am so here for the same letter names. Savi Jo and Sam. It sounds so good. =]

  2. This is so poignant! Poor Sam, I hope he gets to see her again. *sigh*

  3. C.D., ba ha ha! Such a Southern tale of chivalry and longing.

  4. Aww, this is such a sweet, poignant scene. I wonder what strong force drew them together in that moment.