Friday, July 12, 2019

Celebrate the Small Things-July 12, 2019

It's Friday! Let's Celebrate the Small Things with Lexa Cain! I am her co-host.

I'm sorry I didn't post last Friday. It was a busy week. We had Independence Day celebrations to attend. My husband also had a birthday last weekend, as well. I baked him a funfetti cake. Yes, my husband's favorite type of cake is funfetti, and it turned out delicious.

The whole family has been dealing with an annoying cold this week, but the good news is that we're all recovering well. The kids certainly haven't let it take away from their summer fun.

I had a bit of inspiration this week, and that resulted in me writing a short story. I've been struggling with writer's block for months, so it felt great to write something and enjoy the process of it again.

What would you like to celebrate?


  1. Glad you wrote a short story. Sometimes just writing anything will snap us out of it.

  2. Glad to hear everyone is getting over the cold. Congrats on the short story!