Infomania-Part 3AB

You shake your head.  “I appreciate that you’re trying to draw parallels between yourself and me.  That shows me that you want to reach out, that you want to make this work.  The fact that we both take notes, unfortunately, does not make us all that much alike.”
Turning to the group, you plaster on your biggest smile.  “So, let’s move on to . . .”
“You’re so full of crap!”  Robin’s voice is booming, but the sound of his chair crashing to the floor somehow drowns it out.  “We’re exactly alike!  You just think you’re so much better than us loonies that you don’t want to admit it!”
You back away.  Things are spiraling out of control.  You hold your hands out in a placatory gesture.  “Calm down, Robin.  I don’t think that.”
“Oh yes, you do.”  He takes a step closer.  “I know that you live in a tiny house because you couldn’t stand being in an apartment building surrounded by people.  I know you only ever eat in your own home, because you don’t trust anyone else to prepare food for you.”
 A cold ball of fear settles in the pit of your stomach.
Robin’s smile takes over his face, but it isn’t a happy expression.  “I also know how you like to dress when you think you’re alone.”  He chuckles.  “You see, I’ve been taking notes on you for months.”
Oh damn.

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