You want to help, but in all honesty, you’d probably only make things worse.
The struggle continues for another minute, and the crowd continues to grow.  And yet, for some inexplicable reason, no one steps in.
They must be thinking the same thing you are.  Or maybe they’re just enjoying the show.
Then, for no apparent reason, the women stop and turn to stare at the crowd.  A man steps out from behind a nearby fence, and he’s holding a microphone.
Of course, he heads straight for you.
“Excuse me.  This scenario was staged to see who would step in to help and who wouldn’t,” he explains.  In the meantime, you’re turning an impressive shade of red.  “Can you tell me why you decided to watch rather than step in?”
You look around desperately, and the crowd is dispersing, everyone desperate to avoid the embarrassment of being interviewed.

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