You’ve never been a good dancer, but you’re also rarely invited to join in on any group fun.  You simply can’t resist.
“Okay,” you say with a smile and follow her across the crowded room.
The group of friends in question has an entire space carved out for them in the corner of the room.  It’s an even mixture of guys and girls, and you throw yourself into the melee.  Yeah, you’re an awkward sort, but everyone seems to be drunk, so you figure they won’t be judging you too harshly.
You’re not quite sure how it happens.  You are in the middle of trying to replicate a funky kick that one of the girls of the group just did, and the next thing you know, you’re hanging upside down from the window.  One of your legs has punched through the glass, and the shards are digging painfully into your flesh.
Your newfound friends surround you in seconds, and drunk as they are, they’re genuinely trying to help you in your time of crisis.
One thing is certain as you dangle helplessly.  You are never dancing again.

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