“This is an emergency!” you cry.  “The delegation from Hrondyl is expected to arrive this afternoon, and there’s been an act of sabotage.”  You don’t feel the need to add that it’s a toilet-related emergency.
The guard hesitates a moment before stepping aside.  You push your way through the heavy wooden doors and head straight for the thrones situated at the end of the long room.
You recognize the human ambassador Edgar Pyle.  He gets way more hate from people than you do, so that endears you to him somewhat.  His face looks pinched.  Worried.  Something is wrong.
“What is the meaning of this interruption?” Dryll, the leader of the newly formed xenocratic government demands.
“I’m sorry,” you reply, “but something awful has happened.  All of the toilets are overflowing.”
Edgar looks incredulous, and Dryll looks scandalized.
“I suspect foul play,” you add.  It smells especially foul, you add silently.
Edgar is shaking his head now.  “You stupid, bloody fool,” he says, then he pulls out a gun.  “You’ve screwed up my grand plan, and now you all have to die.”

A.)   If you try to talk him out of killing you, click HERE.
B.)   If you try to run, click HERE.

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