Saturday, January 28, 2012

Making Sense of Chaos

Organization is difficult to achieve when you have several different creative projects demanding your attention all at the same time, and I don’t know that the way I organize my writing would be considered organized by any normal person’s standards.  Whew!  Talk about using the word “organize” too many times in one sentence.

Anyway, I have one large notebook that’s divided into five different sections, each section devoted to a single writing project.  I also have a smaller notebook that is now dedicated to the designs I’m developing for my online store.  At least the notebook in question was purchased from my store.  It's a good way of promoting myself and reminding me of what I can do.  The image below is designed by me and is on the cover of the notebook in question, although the joke may be lost on people who aren't English nerds like me.

Unfortunately, the notes for these projects, while located the appropriate sections, are not in chronological or, for that matter, any other decipherable order within those sections.  The rough drafts of most of my novels are printed out and stored in a binder, and the revisions that I’m working on for them are stuffed in there next to the original scenes.  Even then, it can be difficult to make sense of it all, because I can’t seem to get myself to revise in order.  Inspiration hits me for different scenes at random times, and I have a hard time keeping track of my progress that way.

I guess my approach is more like organized chaos.  Oh well.  Maybe I can achieve more focus and discipline with effort, but I don’t honestly know how much I can improve the state of my notebooks.  Creativity can be messy.

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