Friday, January 27, 2012

New Goals

I’m considering setting myself a goal concerning just how much I write on a daily basis, not counting what I write for my blogs.  It seems I’m doing all right as far as blog content goes.  My stories and my novels need more attention, though it’s difficult to set aside enough time.  If I set myself a specific goal of how much I need to get done each day, it may provide the additional motivation I need.

From now on I will try to make sure I write a minimum of 3500 words per week, which will average out to 500 per day.  Setting the goal this way makes sense, because there are some days where, as a mother, I am busier than others.  Sometimes I genuinely don’t have the time, but on most days, I will make the time.

Hopefully I’m not being too unrealistic.  I’ll revisit my progress later so I have an idea of how well I am doing.

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