Saturday, April 28, 2012

Reflections in Coffee

Coffee is what allows me to be a human being.  

It's a vice, I know, but as far as things like that go, it could have been worse.  This post was inspired while sitting at the computer, working on my latest project, I saw the words reflected in the coffee mug I inevitably had sitting in front of me.  The image seemed quite poetic and appropriate.  It represents what drinking coffee is for me.  Inspiration often comes from the most generic of places.  Today it came from an image captured in a coffee cup.

While I drink my morning coffee, though I also have children running around my ankles and generally making a fuss, it gives me a reason to pause and think about things.  A lot of people read the morning paper while drinking coffee.  I write while drinking coffee.  It brings my thoughts into focus, and it gives me creative permission.  It makes me daring.

Sure, on the surface I may look like I'm only drinking coffee, but what you see is only a reflection on the surface of something far more mysterious and exciting.

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