Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Boys

May I tell you something about someone else?

It took me a few minutes of thought to decide who to tell you about today.  I didn't feel like writing about any of my characters today, because, let's face it, I spend plenty of time with them as it is.  And it's always a delicate matter when you write about someone you know, because it's possible they'll take offense at something you say.  I've been in that boat more than once.  Sometimes I think my very existence is enough to offend some people, but I've decided I'm not willing to do anything to remedy that one.

Ultimately, since my youngest son's first birthday is tomorrow, I decided to write about my kids.  Yes, I know them, and yes, I see them everyday, but I don't get tired of talking about them for some reason.  And they aren't old enough to read this on their own yet.  I have a few years before I have to worry about them being upset by this.

Of course, I have nothing bad to say.  They're holy terrors sometimes, but well within the boundaries of normal childhood behavior for their age.  They keep me constantly cleaning.  Sometimes it feels like I'm just following behind them, sweeping away the trail of mess they leave in their wake.  The rest of the time, I'm running interference, trying to keep them from killing each other.  They love to wrestle.  At least until someone gets hurt.  Then Mommy is the most popular person in the world.

Big brother meets little brother for the first time.
Jude just turned three in April.  When Lyle was born, he was new to being two.  While often jealous of the new addition to the family, he still seemed to think that Lyle was pretty neat.

At this point, Lyle didn't seem to have any real opinions on his big brother.  He just cared that he had attention, and that someone was around to feed him and change his diaper when necessary.

Batman Jude mops Mommy's floor.

I suppose Jude will always be protective of his little brother.  Jude may play rough, but he's also the first one to kiss your boo-boos better.  He's a little hero, and he has a passion for mopping the floor.  I can only hope he'll maintain that passion for housework, but somehow I doubt it.

Lyle charms the camera.

Lyle loves to perform for the camera.  Every time he sees me bring it out, I am rewarded with expressions like this.

He's plotting something.

Lyle started out as a calm baby, which suited me fine.  However, as he gets older, I see more and more of a devilishly playful side in him.  Of course, he's my child, so I can hardly be shocked by this.

What's he thinking here?  It can't be good.

Jude has always had a devious side to him.  I've heard I was the same way at his age.  After reading him a book about space recently, he took issue with the fact that Earth rotates.  "Stop spinning Earth!  Stop spinning!" he commanded.  I may have a mad scientist on my hands.

Squirming kids at Christmas.

How do I keep up with the two of them and clean the house and work on my writing?  Good question.  I wish I had an answer.  I just kind of fly by the seat of my pants some days.  I'm so busy I didn't even have time to think of a way around using that cliche term.  Geez!

I think I'd settle for knowing how to get the two of them to hold still for a picture!

Being a mother of two energetic boys may be difficult, but I wouldn't trade them for the world.

My boys.


  1. Your boys are adorable! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. I miss those little guys so much. Hopefully sometime in the next couple of weeks we will make a trip up there. :)

  3. Love my nephews soooo much!