Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Now A Question For You

May I ask you something about yourself?

Chelsea's beautiful profile pic
features her daughter Charlotte.
I'd like to start off this post with a bit of a promotional plug.  My friend Chelsea Kelly has started a new blog called "My Interior Window."  She is a history buff and a freelance artist, and she started this blog to share her passions with the world.  All of you should seriously check it out.  Her artistic talents have always amazed me.  Of course, I can't draw a straight line to save my life, but that doesn't mean I don't recognize talent when I see it.

Anyway, to tie in this promotion with the rest of this post, I'll ask you this question.

Can you tell me a little about one of your closest friends?

I have a lot of good friends that deserve mention, but I can't include everyone in a short post.  I'll just say this about Chelsea.  She's been around the longest.  When we were little kids, her dad worked at the same place as my parents, so we saw each other at work functions.  We also attended the same small school.  Though she was two years behind me in school, we always did a lot together.  We did school plays together.  We were in band together.  She was the maid of honor at my wedding, and I was the maid of honor at hers.  And her entire family seems to be attached to me somehow, because my first pregnancy corresponded with her sister's pregnancy, and when I got pregnant the second time, Chelsea was calling me less than two months later with her good news.  Maybe if I get pregnant a third time, I should send all of them a courtesy email to warn them of the impending addition to their own family.

Anyway, Chelsea is the same kind of crazy creative person that I am.  We may use a different medium to express ourselves, but put us in the same room, and the creative frenzy is palpable.  You can feel it in the air.

Plus we love the same shows, like Red Dwarf and The Red Green Show.  In high school, we used to drink tea while watching them at my house.  We were party animals!


  1. I would like to thank you for becoming a follower. I appreciate it very much.
    Have a good day.

  2. Tea? Really??? It wasn't Green tea was it? Everybody knows only bad asses drink Green Tea!! LOL!

    So cute!! Errr... I mean bad ass.

  3. I've had my dearest, oldest friend since September '85, when we were in kindergarten. When I had a lot of then-unexplained problems in elementary school, and my mother used to have to beg the other mothers to let me go to their kids' birthday parties and stuff, this girl was always my best friend, someone who enjoyed my company and my uniqueness. She's always been a bit different from the others too, so perhaps that drew us together. We also believe we were sisters in one of our past lives. I've actually had dreams of her being my older sister when I've had my past life dreams, though she's only going on her gut instinct instead of memories of before.