Sunday, June 17, 2012

Blogspiration 4:Autocorrect Mishap

In going through the revision process on a WIP, I've learned once again that it's a bad idea to trust autocorrect.  Not to overestimate my abilities, but some of the errors I found could have only been computer generated.

Therefore, when I saw this on Facebook, it really resonated.  Before hitting send or save, you should always make sure you've actually said what you meant to say.  And if you send something like this by accident, then I suggest you decide simply to laugh at yourself.  Trust me, even if you don't, your friends will.

If you want to do crossdressing as a high school activity, there is no formal team for it.  Your best bet would be to go out for the school play.  I did some theater in high school, and crossdressing happened more than once.  And men in makeup.  Fun times.


  1. Thats funny L.G. When I recited my school play there was no make-up, thank Gawd! XD, I still remember the lines like a song in my head, plenty reward enough for me.

  2. HAH! I'd love to send a text like that but I seem to always catch the goofery before it goes and, unfortunately, feel compelled to correct it.

    FYI, I'd asked you, back in May, if I could borrow one of your ideas for my blog (the "describe yourself in one sentence" post you put up on May 23). Just wanted to let you know it's up now, with credit and links back to you. Thanks again!
    Some Dark Romantic