Monday, June 18, 2012

Meeting With My Muse: Decisions and Diversions

So, my muse Pleiades finally came back from her vacation.  I guess the change in scenery did something for her, because when she finally showed up at my doorstep to discuss the upcoming week, she did a 180 on me.

Pleiades:  Are you ready to get some work done?

Me:  You bet!  If I'm going to get anything published in the near future, I need to get working!

Pleiades:  All right.  How's your time travel idea going?

Me:  I've made some progress.  I like the angle I chose, and I have a good twist for the ending.  It doesn't seem out of place, and I think it could work.  I have a lot of plotting left to do, but I think . . .

Pleiades:  Well, keep that in mind, but I have something else in mind for you.

Me:  What?  I thought you said . . .

Pleiades:  Yeah, I know what I said.  You should keep that one in mind, but I also spent some time during my vacation reading your blog, and I know what you should be working on right now.

Me:  What?  You read my blog?

Pleiades:  (Looks shocked.)  Of course I read your blog.  Do you think I'm so negligent in my musing duties that I don't keep up with your progress?  I might have been out of the country, but that doesn't mean I've stopped doing what I do best.

Me:  I guess that's a matter of opinion.

Pleiades:  (Rewards me with a piercing look.)  I'll pretend I didn't hear that.  Anyway, after reading the scenes you wrote in your other manuscript, I think you need to go back and revise that instead.

Me:  What makes you say that?

Pleiades:  You have to give the people what they want!  The people commenting on the scenes seemed to like them.  You've already mapped out all the revisions that need to be done.  If you buckle down and do it, it shouldn't even take that long.  The only thing stopping you at this point is fear.

Me:  Come on.  I have other things that need . . .

Pleiades:  Nope.  Not another word.  This is what you're doing.  If you refuse, then you can do whatever you want on your own.  If you want my help, then you have to do what I say.

That's when she walked out.  It looks like I don't have much choice in the matter, so I'd better get on with it. My muse can be pretty bossy sometimes.


  1. Love it! I wish my muse were a little more pushy so I'd get some stuff done. Good luck with everything! Also, I have an award for you over at my blog! :)

  2. Thanks for the peek inside your musing. I can relate, because my muse is pretty bossy too!