Thursday, August 2, 2012

Be Fabulously Inspired!

There are a couple of reasons why I've decided to break my Thursday blogging silence.  As we're now into August, I'd like to take a quick look at how the month of July went for me.

First off, I went from 100 followers at the beginning of the month to 120 followers by the end.  Not too shabby!  I also had 1220 pageviews.  That is down slightly from last month's 1432, but I also posted fewer times.  What I'm really proud of this month is that my flash fiction has been getting a good number of pageviews for me on its own. My piece "A Polite Letter of Complaint" received 88 views for the month, and I received a number of positive comments.  "More Than a Movie" got 46 pageviews and a number of positive comments as well.  It's encouraging to see my flash fiction doing so well compared to my other posts.  I am here to promote my writing, after all!

Now on to the next order of business.  Chris Fries over at A Writer's Expanding and Slightly-Warped Universe has passed on a couple of blogging awards.  Thank you! It's always nice to feel special.

The rules I will abide by in accepting these prestigious awards are as follows:
Express gratitude to the person awarding them to you.  Though I already did, I'll say it again.  Thank you!
Nominate six bloggers for these awards.  Okay.  I'll try to winnow the field of awesome blogger friends to choose only six.
  1. Michael Offut
  2. Krista McLaughlin
  3. Laura @ My Baffling Brain
  4. Andrea Teagan @ The Enchanted Writer
  5. Laura @ Stranger Than Writing
  6. Chelsea @ My Interior Window (as an artist, I figured the Be Inspired Award would be perfect for you!)

Now, that was simple enough.  However, as a bonus in honor of the Be Inspired Award, I will attempt to leave you with something inspiring.  She doesn't write in my genre of choosing, but her personal story is something I can relate to.  I'm just hoping I can have the same happy results!


  1. Aww thank you very much hun!I appreciate it the thought :) I will certainly try and pass them on when I return from holiday :)

  2. Thank you very much! Congratulations on your July stats, I'm glad people seem to be enjoying your flash fiction, I certainly do :)

  3. Great stats! And your flash fiction is great!

  4. Congrats on your stats and awards! Your flash fiction is awesome. :)

  5. Sounds like your blog is going in the right direction!

  6. Thank you for the generous awarding, Laura! And it's great to hear that your blog has been so successful. You really deserve it. Keep up that amazing writing!