Sunday, August 12, 2012

Blogspiration12: What Our Words Say About Us

This quote is special to me, because in a world that is filled with a variety of cultures and languages that make us all unique, it's nice to know that we also have some basic things in common.  One of these commonalities we share is that the way we express ourselves naturally shows a part of who we are.

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This quote reminds me of all the ways we shine through our words, whether it be through word choices, or the way we approach a certain subject in a conversation. Even when we're lying, the lies we choose to tell betray something about us.  In a way, it seems we can never be entirely in control of our words.  They will always try to defy us.  As a writer, that is part of what makes writing so challenging and rewarding.

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  1. I've never heard that quote, but I really like it. Then again, I think just about everything Ralph Waldo Emerson ever said is genius. :)