Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Funny Videos For Your Wednesday

I found a couple of videos on Funny or Die that I thought some of you might appreciate.  The first demonstrates how dangerous playing word games with friends can get.  It's a competitive world out there, after all.

WARNING: There is some strong language and violence involved, so bear that in mind.

CompetiBitch - watch more funny videos

Next up is a video that pokes fun at how engrossing the world of fiction can be.  If you thought reading the Harry Potter books sucked you in, that's nothing compared to actually playing the part.


  1. Haha yeah that first one is me and my family whenever we get together and play a game, and the second one is possibly the best thing I've ever seen. Thanks for posting! :)

  2. Harry Potter is Dan Radcliff from the real world, lol. That video was hilarious, as was the first one. Sometimes people can take a simple game way too seriously.