Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Literary Loopiness

I felt like having some fun with words today.  The following strange words and their subsequent definitions come from Unusual Words.  I decided to compose them into a silly poem.  It should in no way be taken as representative of reality.  This is simply my way of being goofy.

Hopefully everything is spelled and used correctly.  When working with such strange words, I had no actual usage of them to base my poetry on.


abligurition:  Excessive spending on food and drink.
adoxography: Skilled writing on an unimportant subject.
bombilate:  To loudly hum or buzz continuously.
clithridiate:  Key-hole shaped.
dactylonomy:  Counting using one's fingers.
farctate:  The state of being stuffed with food (overeating).
gambrinous:  Being full of beer.
hamartithia:  Being likely to make a mistake.
jumentous:  Smelling like horse urine.
mumpsimus:  One who sticks obstinately and wrongly to their old ways.
pyknic:  Short and fat.
wanweird:  An unhappy fate.

Literary Loopiness

I will amaze and entertain you
with my pointless adoxography.
I'll stick around so long that
you'll distract yourself with dactylonomy.

First off, I will tell you about myself.

As I write this, I am farctate,
but at least I am not jumentous.
Does my use of these words
make me sound too pretentious?

Oh, well too bad.

My abligurition may offend some,
but I care not for the thoughts of the mumpsimus.
Granted, I may be a tad more pyknic than I'd like,
though that won't stop me from being gambrinous.

Okay, I don't think I'm making a good impression.

Yes, being gambrinous can lead to hamartithia,
but I swear I've got it covered.
You may expect me to suffer wanweird,
but you don't know the fun I've discovered!

Seriously, people should loosen up!

If you continue to insult me,
I will bombilate so I can't hear you.
And seriously, why is clithridiate a word?
Can't the simple explanation do?


  1. Good job. I learned some words today that I'll likely forget in a couple of days. I believe I like gambrinous best. In fact, I am off to become that. lol


  2. Lol, I love this and your poem hilarious. I think pyknic is my fav, I am currently trying to scratch that into my brain, although with my memory it may take sometime to wedge it there lol.

  3. I'm giggling at "jumentous." What inspired *that*??? :-)
    Some Dark Romantic

  4. I would try and learn one of these new words, but I'm too much of a mumpsimus...

  5. Oh loquacious you, your diphthongs reach bombastical heights of splendor and your prose is delightful. Well done.