Monday, September 24, 2012

Musing About A Bad Week

My muse has wanted little to do with me for the past week.  Maybe Pleiades is dancing on a mountaintop or seducing a handsome alien prince on the other edge of the galaxy.  Who knows?  Each day I do my best to write, and the act of making myself sit down and do it has proven helpful.  Even so, I haven't felt the flare of wondrous inspiration that is often the impetus behind my best work.

I think we all have those weeks where inspiration seems to be lacking.  There are a number of factors behind my lackluster writing week.  First of all, both of my kids were sick last week.  Dealing with long feverish nights for two children simultaneously is enough to drain anyone.  Then, on top of that, I switched brands for a prescription I'm taking to save money on it.  And miraculously, by doing so I went from spending $26 a month to $1.80 a month.  That's a huge difference for me, and one I was happy to find.  And while I'm feeling fine now, the initial switch left my head feeling kind of foggy and my emotional switches capable of being measured on the Richter Scale.  To put this in perspective, my son Jude took a brand new bottle of shampoo and happily poured it down the drain while I was tending to his sick little brother.  The end result, a wasted few dollars, no immediate hope of clean hair, and a torrent of tears on my part that can hardly be justified by the mere inconvenience inflicted upon me.

Imagine it: a fully grown woman reduced to tears by a spilled bottle of shampoo. It was as if I were pregnant all over again (which I'm not, by the way-I promise). Truly, it was a sad sight to see.

Anyway, so in my muse's absence, I'd like to say this.  I hope Pleiades is off somewhere far away, and that she's using her free time to indulge in activities that are more than marginally inappropriate.  I sincerely hope she is doing things that would leave me hanging my head in shame for weeks to come.

You know why I want that for her?

It's simple.  If my muse goes out and parties herself silly, she should have plenty of inspiration to spread around.  I am a mother of two, and I am not rich by any means.  At this stage in my life, I don't have the ability to go out and see the sights on a regular basis.  Instead, I need to depend on my muse to do that for me.

That being said, I still hope she comes back soon.  I have so much to do!


  1. I hear ya, about the mood swings. I have an easier time balancing on a tight rope than I do my mood. Your muse is particularly bad, lol. I hope you feel better and get some work done this week. Good luck! :)

  2. Been there, and soooo...have done that, many times! Crying for no reason what so ever, the mothers stress relief!
    You'll be all right, and that muse will return, just make sure she shares all her activities with you. I feel your post, in more ways than one. Thanks for sharing.