Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Express Yourself: 5 Quirks

The Express Yourself Weekly Meme is made possible by Jackie @ Bouquet of Books and Dani @ Entertaining Interests.

List 5 imperfections about yourself that might bug others, but it's what makes you, well, you.

  1. I randomly quote movies and TV shows.  A lot.  I try to make sure the quotes fit in with what's going on in real life.  Only a handful of people understand my references, but luckily, my husband frequently does.
  2. When inspiration strikes, I have to write something down, even if only a few notes so the idea doesn't slip away entirely.  The need to do this can come at awkward moments that set some people on edge, but I can't help when the ideas come!
  3. I don't have normal conversations.  While girls are often expected to have conversations about fashion (of which I know nothing, so be grateful I don't try to discuss it) and similar things when spending time with friends, I want to talk about possible methods of interstellar travel or debate philosophical dilemmas.  Or time travel paradoxes.  Or physics paradoxes, such as Schrodinger's Cat.  Some people will never understand me for that reason.
  4. I'm extremely particular about the way I do dishes.  I have to wash the silverware first, then the coffee cups and glasses, then the little plates, then the big plates, and finally pots and pans.  There can be no deviation from this established pattern.
  5. I fold laundry, but it takes me forever to put it away.  When we lived in a one story house, I regularly put it away.  Now that we live in a two story house, however, it's harder to get the motivation to put it away.  I'll even go to great lengths to hide certain stacks of laundry from view so they don't seem too conspicuous.  In fact, it would probably be easier to put it away properly in the first place, but that knowledge still doesn't motivate me to do it.
That's my list.  Do any of you have quirks you'd like to mention?


  1. I do the dishes in exactly the same order, I get slightly annoyed when other people do them in a different order - my order just makes more sense to me! I'm glad I'm not the only one :)

  2. Ummm, so did you, like, hijack my life? lol Besides number 2... we have everything else in common. No joke. I think I might be in love - lol!
    I quote Star Wars, Harry Potter, LOTR, Transformers (I really wish I could make their transforming sounds), etc.
    Unless it's Jackie, I can't hold up a girly convo to save my life. And my husband hates when I do dishes and laundry. OCD and laziness. Too bad you didn't live closer!

  3. I speak in song lyrics at times. lol As for #2, I have notepads everywhere and one next to me when I sleep. I have awakened many times to jot things down.

  4. I have to have the TV and stereo volume set at a multiple of 5, otherwise it irritates me. I've only met one or two people who are the same


  5. Hey, I quote movies all the time! My wife and I both do, and we can have entire conversations using movie lines.

  6. Oh no, no, no. GLASSES first, then you can go in your order. ;) Fun post.

  7. It sounds like you would get along well with the guys on The Big Bang Theory on CBS.

  8. Yes, GLASSES first, I agree with Julie, but otherwise I have the same order.

  9. Writing stuff down when inspiration strikes... that is so me!
    My hubby, my brothers, and I quote movies a lot. It's fun, especially when others look at you like what the heck are you talking about? LOL