Friday, November 23, 2012

FSF: Feasting

Here's a new chapter in my Five Sentence Fiction adventure!  Go to Lillie McFerrin's site to learn more about the wonders of FSF!

For those of you who haven't read the previous chapters, go to this PAGE where the story is available in its entirety.

Chapter 7: Feasting

The main marketplace in the Nevarian capitol teemed with life from all over the sector, and Ylana only recognized a fraction of the species they encountered as they walked.  The Nevarians ran many of the shops and food stands they passed, and the odors of exotic roasting vegetables and meats teased Ylana’s senses so much that her stomach began to rebel.
Image courtesy of xedos4

Noticing the obvious allure the food held over her companion, Nara pointed to a particular stand.  Pointing to the rotund, blue-skinned occupant, who was adorned in a flowing gold robe and an abundance of jewels, she said, “This is N’Goteth, and he’ll have you feasting for days on the amazing food he makes.”

As Ylana began to peruse the various breads and soups N’Goteth had to offer in his cart, Nara leaned over and whispered in her ear, “He also hates the Kryllians more than you do.”


  1. Soup, what a good idea.

    I'm truly left-overed and out!

    Almost finished with NANO though!

    Enjoyed, as always!

  2. The descriptive words of this installment are as colorful and enticing as the illustration itself!

  3. Nothing like a dash of shared hate to spice up a feast.


  4. I love the fact this still remains enticing and exciting without going over-the-top. Looking forward to your next piece, as always.