Friday, November 2, 2012

Super Sweet Blogging Award!

Laura over at My Baffling Brain just passed on the Super Sweet Blogging Award.  How sweet is that?

Anyway, the rules are simple.  I have to answer a few basic questions, all about sweets, then pass it on to other deserving bloggers.  Let's get started!

Cookies or Cake?  It depends.  As a casual snack with a cup of coffee or tea, then a cookie does the trick. If I'm having dessert after a meal, then cake all the way.

Chocolate or Vanilla?  Tough question.  Once again, it depends on the situation.  I love chocolate ice cream, or chocolate on top of my vanilla ice cream.  I love chocolate cake with chocolate frosting!  I also enjoy vanilla cake with vanilla frosting.  And when I bake or make waffles for breakfast, I like to add vanilla extract for extra flavor.  So, I guess I love both!

What is your favorite sweet treat?  So many sweet treats are great, but I'm a sucker for a good freshly baked cinnamon roll with gooey icing.  Yum!

When do you crave sweet things most?  I love to have sweets with a good cup of coffee.  It has to be with an evening cup though.  I can't do sweet things too early in the day.

If you had a sweet nickname what would it be?  I feel silly for admitting to this, but I know I can trust you guys with this info.  I'd love to be called Red Hot, though I'm sure my husband would insist only he could use that nickname.  The name is inspired by those little cinnamon flavored candies.  I'm short (so the miniature part works), I have red hair, and my sense of humor can be spicy at times.  I may not be as visually stunning as some, but I do my best to be memorable.

Okay.  Now to nominate a few of my fellow bloggers for this fun award!  I know November is a busy time for many of you, but maybe the sweet picture can help motivate you!

  1. Chelsea Kelly @ Sailing the Kiddie Pool
  2. Jenn @ Scribbles From Jenn
  3. Krista McLaughlin
  4. Yolanda Renee @ Defending the Pen
  5. Mina Lobo @ Some Dark Romantic
Until next time, my friends!


  1. L G,

    Thanks for the honor! Sweet Awards, just in time for the holiday season and all it has to offer. I quit baking but sending it across the blogosphere is a much better calorie saving idea. I'll take a break from NANO to post it. Thanks, it's appreciated!

  2. The picture alone makes me want to run to the bakery.