Thursday, December 20, 2012

FSF: Cosmic Visions

It's time for another dose of Five Sentence Fiction.  Thanks to Lillie McFerrin for another wonderful prompt.    This week's word is vision.

If you haven't read the previous chapters of my science fiction adventure, you can read the entire thing on this PAGE.

Chapter 11: Cosmic Visions

Orton proved to be a tall, trim, and neatly dressed man, and when he spoke, his words revealed a level of sophistication rare outside the main trading worlds.  “I fear it will take several lunar cycles to complete my work, but should you agree to the terms I set forth, I believe I can use a sample of your genetic material to devise a proper Kryllian repellent.”
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Ylana leaned forward and replied, “That sounds wonderful, but I hear there’s a price to pay for your work.”

“As there is with anything else,” Orton replied, his irises dancing between Ylana and Nara as he pulled a round, purple stone from his coat pocket.  “This stone is purported to produce powerful cosmic visions in members of certain races, of which you are one Ylana, and I need you to use it to complete a mission on my behalf.”

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