Thursday, December 6, 2012

FSF: Time

These Five Sentence Fiction prompts come around so quickly, don't they?  For anyone who wants to get in on the action, here's the link to Lillie McFerrin's site.

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Chapter 9: Time

“Growing up, I realized that time is the most precious commodity of all, and all of mine was already claimed by others,” Ylana explained as she wiped the corner of her mouth with a napkin.

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N’Goteth nodded, his bulbous yellow eyes betraying a distinct glint.  “The Kryllians are experts at allotting the lives of others to satisfy their own devious ends, and your race is not the only one to learn that the hard way.”

“His people were once like yours,” Nara explained, her lips stretched thin in a smile, “but they broke their bonds with the Kryllians when they learned a crucial secret.”

Ylana’s heart jumped, and she leaned over the little food-filled table and whispered, “Like I said, time is precious, and I think it’s about time I learned this secret of yours.”

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  1. I keep coming back for the whole story.

  2. Excellent work mate! I just had to go back and start at the beginning after reading this

  3. Knowledge is a precious commodity. Ylana has an eager need. What will N’Goteth demand from her in trade?

    That might depend on next week's prompt.

    You've got me interested. Keep at it.


  4. I'm so with Ylana about time being so precious.

  5. Yes please! A longer story? :)

  6. OOh! Must be time to check out the rest ;) I like secrets.