Thursday, January 24, 2013

FSF: Horror Enfolding

Five Sentence Fiction prompts are provided weekly by the inspiring Lillie McFerrin.  This week's word is RINGING.

To read the Unchained story from the beginning, go to this PAGE.

Chapter 16Horror Enfolding

The decapitated head consumed Ylana’s field of vision until a pair of bare feet stepped into view, one of them trampling the flowers.  The feet were smooth and unmarred by the stresses of life, and their slender build made them appear decidedly feminine. 

Image courtesy of Idea go
Long, delicate toes prodded the dead cheek, as if testing the head for any life that might somehow linger in its decaying recesses.  Then equally delicate fingers grasped the head by the hair and, lifting it into the air, brought it level with a face that nearly made Ylana’s heart stop: the murdered woman from the other visions, except here alive and well.

Ylana tried to pull away from the nightmarish image, but the vision held firm, and terrified she might never wake, she screamed, sending her desperate pleas ringing through a world populated only by ghostly recreations of the deceased.

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  1. Nice piece and nice picture. :)

  2. Awesome descriptive work! Clearly painted!

    Excellent work!

  3. Very visual. Yuk!;-))

  4. Blood-curdlingly descriptive images!

  5. I am here, eagerly aaiting bite sized chapters unfolding.

  6. Great writing.
    Your words conjured up some scary images in my head.

  7. Hello from the Five Sentence Fiction story hop! Fantastic job with your sentences. They're just so powerful and visually packed. Definitely mind grabbing.

  8. I could picture this perfectly in my head. Thanks a lot! :P

    No, seriously, very well done!

  9. Very visual piece.

  10. The stuff of real nighmares nicely captured (although nice might not be quite the right word! ;)

  11. Excellent description. Another stand alone instalment that is written so well. x