Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Starlit Love

I know I've been sharing a lot of poetry lately, but I've been inspired to write it. That's just the way it goes sometimes.  This time I didn't use any prompts other than my own imagination.  Unless you count listening to Star Talk Radio while writing it.  And it would be fair to say that inspiration shines through in my words.

Starlit Love

With your trusty telescope
you stared long into the night.
A young man filled with wonder,
your imagination took flight.
Yet your lens strayed a little
and into my bedroom peered.
You caught me looking back at you
and I knew what you feared.

I could have been angry,
but then you did something bold.
You picked up the phone and called me,
ready to face wrath of levels untold.
You sounded scared and apologetic,
though you still tried to play it cool.
“I didn’t mean to intrude,” you said,
“but I can’t ignore heavenly bodies.  It’s a rule.”

Had it been anyone else, I certainly
would have hung up straight away.
Yet I heard the tremble in your voice.
So many things that waver did convey.
You were unsure of yourself, wanting more
than you imagined you could touch.
A young man immersed in the stars,
steeped in beauty you couldn’t clutch.

The following night, I saw you
looking to the sky once more.
You wore that look of awe
that I’d already come to adore.
Together we searched the depths of space
and found more than we planned.
We saw worlds spinning through the cosmos,
but it all stopped when you held my hand.

Those nights set my world ablaze,
like a ship plunging into the sun.
New possibilities opened before us.
I’d never had so much fun.
Yes, I love your curious ways, and
your passion for the cosmic objects you see.
Yet, more than that, I love the way
your eyes shine brighter when you look at me.           


  1. This is excellent, from one poet ( well I call myself one) I read this and then I re-read it.
    Thanks for sharing this with us,


  2. Thanks! That means a lot coming from you! You're definitely a poet, and a talented one at that!

  3. This was cute, but also had a certain depth to it. Well done!