Tuesday, February 19, 2013

She Said What?!

It's time for the She Said What Blog-O-Versary Bloghop!  This fun exercise in creativity is brought to us by Elise Fallson and Michelle at Writer-in-Transit. We've been challenged to caption a cartoon provided by our hosts.  There is even a list of bonus words you can incorporate into your cartoon as an additional challenge.

Bonus words: twist, cheek, buzz, honour, grey, champagne, tango, vomit

I can't refuse a challenge, so I incorporated all of the bonus words.  They're written in red so you can easily see how I chose to use them.  I think my cartoon is rather silly, but that's the whole point, right?


Panel 1

M(in balloon): Come on, it takes two to tango!  We can't dance if we don't get to the contest on time!

E: Hey, don't get your knickers in a twist!  I'm hurrying!

Panel 2

E: Oh, I think I'm going to vomit! Everything in my body is going into reverse!

M: Speaking of knickers, I can see yours from here!  Were they always grey, or do they need to be washed? People might see those while you're twirling around on the dance floor.

Panel 3

V: There's a dragon, ladies!
     Never fear, V is on the way,
     ready to save the day!
  Handsome, honest, strong as a steed,
    I am honour-bound to help those in need!
Panel 4

V: Egads!  The sun has gone out!

Panel 5 

M: That figures.  I spent an hour making sure my hair looked just right, and I'm about to plunge into a lake!

Panel 6

E: Wow!  That gave me a buzz!  I have a leech on my cheek, but  at least the blood will match my outfit!

M: That was more fun than the last dance contest when they replaced the water in the cooler with champagne!

Panel 7

Dragon: V, you need to stop using me as your wingman.  This is the ninth time your scheme has failed.

M: Come on E!  The dance is this way!


  1. Excellent. Love this and you even got all the bonus words in! You rock! Thanks so much for participating. :D

  2. Love the dragon as the wing man idea!!! Wonderful!

  3. This is soooo cool! Love it!
    And I L-O-V-E dancing......
    Plus you nailed all the bonus words.
    Thanks for being a part of our celebration.

  4. Well done. My entry is abbreviated at panel three. :)

  5. awesome!
    that was funny! i like how the dragon was working with V.

  6. This was fun! Love the underwear line, and you even threw in a poem! Of course the dragon stole the show!


  7. Ha ha, that's great! You used the buzz words really creatively. I like the bit about her grey knickers!

  8. What a girl will do to get to a dance! I love the wingman dragon twist. :)

  9. Tee-hee - you said, "knickers." I think that's one of my all-time favorite words. :-)

  10. I think this is the first entry that has the dragon and V working together. Very well, L.G.

  11. I like how you used "tango" to put that spin on it. Lots of fun!

  12. This was really good!I especially liked the grey knickers in need of a wash. LOL!

  13. "At least the blood matches my outfit"

    Haha always find something positive :D