Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Express Yourself: Favorite Love Scene

Jackie at Bouquet of Books and Dani at Entertaining Interests would like to know more about their favorite bloggers.  This week they want to know about your favorite love scene from a book or movie.

I enjoy love scenes of all kinds.  Yet, one scene from one film best exemplifies love of all kinds, at least for me.  That movie is Deep Impact.  It's an all around great movie, and it will probably always be one of my favorites.

However, the entire final act is full of love and touching moments in addition to the action.  An astronaut who was blinded in the course of trying to save the world says good-bye to the newborn son he'll never get to meet.

Leo goes back for his young wife Sarah, who was stuck with her family on a jam-packed freeway in a hopeless attempt to get away from the tsunami they know will come just after impact.  She says a tearful good-bye to her parents, and with her infant sibling in tow, the three of them ride off on a motorbike in search of high ground.

Remaining behind, Sarah's parents stay together until the end.  They know they will die, but they're together and they know their children have a chance at survival.  This knowledge brings them a sense of peace as they wait for the end to come.

Jenny Lerner, who gave up her chance at survival for a mother and her young daughter, goes instead to find her father.  They reconcile before the wave hits.  They die, but not before dealing with the things that are really important.

After finding safety on higher ground, we see Leo, Sarah, and the baby.  They are young, scared, and facing a world of uncertainty, but you can see plenty of love and hope in this moment.  Everyone has suffered losses, but those losses also bind the survivors together.

Now, let me end this post with speech that brings the film to a satisfactory close. Yes, I know this part isn't a love scene, but it's Morgan Freeman and it's awesome! That's good enough reason for me to use it.


  1. Deep Impact is such a great movie. When the parents give their baby to their daughter Sarah, I tear up every time!

  2. Morgan Freeman is awesome. I love this film, I watched it with my mum (for the 10th time) a couple of weeks ago, and you're right about all of the different kinds of love scenes! The one between Jenny Lerner and her father gets me every time.

  3. I don't think I have seen this movie. Thanks for the info on it! I will be watching it for sure. :D