Thursday, March 28, 2013

FSF: The Inner Flame

It's time for Five Sentence Fiction!  This week's prompt is FLAME.

For those who are not up to date on this sci-fi adventure, you can find the whole story from the beginning on this PAGE.

Chapter 25: The Inner Flame

Landing on Plenitia 5 was supposed to solve so many problems, yet this dangerous woman who had no real qualms about the murders she’d committed to remain free of her ex-husband, made an odd request before Ylana and Nara could escape the gravitational pull of this backwater world: “Please, stay with me until I’m done with the procedure.”

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Myrandia’s voice sounded so sincere, even vulnerable, and even with her newly fashioned talons for fingernails, she almost looked fragile.  Though Ylana didn’t understand why, she felt an upwelling of sadness for her.

As they walked through the empty streets to the medical clinic where Myrandia would find the solutions to her immediate problems, she said, “Ylana, I think you’re fascinated with me, because you see a flame within me that you wish you had inside you.  Your people have endured so much, and you want to fight against that, yet unlike me, you can’t let go of the inhibitions that would allow you to get what you want for your world.”

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  1. In just five sentences I am intrigued to hear more. Great post, I love the idea!

  2. This is just such an interesting story! It is intriguing.

  3. I love those last two sentences. Ylana is wise and always seems so in tune with the world around her. I like her more and more :)

  4. Very wise words at the end and a great take on the prompt. x