Wednesday, March 27, 2013


This week I started out with the word ENDEAVOR.  This is the poem that resulted from that inspiration.


To endeavor is to dream
the dreams that seem too big,
to push back the boundaries
behind which we live.
To endeavor is to explore
the limits of who we are,
to embrace new possibilities
and seek out mysteries afar.
To endeavor is to hope
that we can behave better,
that we can act wisely
and our time, we won’t fetter.
To endeavor is to believe
that reaching for the gold,
while not always practical,
paves way for rewards untold.


  1. This was so inspirational... seriously. I loved this!

  2. I do love writing from prompts, and this poem brings up a lot of themes of perseverance and stubborn belief in people.

  3. Just lovely. It would fit well on my wall with the other motivational quotes that line my office.

  4. Quite a motivational poem. Well done!