Friday, April 19, 2013

Celebrate the Small Things-Week 14

If you're looking for my A-Z entry for the letter Q, you can find it HERE.

It's Friday and time to Celebrate the Small Things with VikLit!

Whether your victory is large or small,
share it-we'll celebrate them all!

One of my lifelong friends (or at least since elementary school) is pregnant. Earlier this week I got to see an early ultrasound photo of the baby.  I love things like that!  All is looking well with her pregnancy, and I hope it stays that way.

My kids have been extra energetic this week.  They've been playing with a puzzle of the United States all week.  Not only is my youngest getting good at putting it together, my oldest can name several of the states when I point them out on the map.  He loves geography so far.  I've always loved geography myself, so I can relate.

Writing has been going well this week.  This alone would make the week worth celebrating.

The only downside to this week has been the constant rain we've been having, but that rain will help things grow.  So I'll choose to look at that as a positive too!

What do you want to celebrate this week?


  1. Learning through playing is the best way. Ultrasound pics always make me go gooey eyed! Glad you have had a good week.

  2. My best friend is pregnant too and every time I see her she's a tiny bit bigger- it's so exciting!

    And congrats on raising some super-smart kids!

  3. Boo for the rain, we are getting it a lot here too :(

    Glad you are having a good writing week, and congrats to your friend :D

  4. Congrats for your friend! And Happy Writing!

  5. Congrats to your friend on her pregnancy, ah. I am visiting a friend's new baby tomorrow ;)

    Happy Writing.

  6. Much congratulations to your friend on her pregnancy and to you on your writing progress. It is nice that you are able to spend time with your children and engage their interests in geography. They grow up so fast that it is indeed a treat to be able to celebrate the time spent with them. This week, I'm celebrating the forward movement of a decision that I was putting off for months and just went ahead and did it a few days ago. No time like the present!

    2013 A to Z Co-Host