Saturday, April 20, 2013

R: Reprogramming the Rebellion

This is a continuous story.  If you haven't read previous chapters, you can start with entry A.  You can also find the whole story to date on this PAGE.

Reprogramming the Rebellion

Adam didn’t know how to respond.  He gaped at Layla, trying to decide why she would choose to focus this on him.  Does she actually think my story is that compelling, or is there something else motivating her?

The Great Orator nodded thoughtfully.  At least from a human perspective, it looked like a thoughtful nod.  Adam truthfully couldn’t be certain, because he knew virtually nothing of Vaaldeen culture.

“That is an efficient title,” the Great Orator said at last.  “It accomplishes a lot in a clever way.  Thank you for your input, Ms. Garrison.”

The Knights of the Order of Knitting all raised their knitting needles in salute.  Sir Edwin stood.  “I think I speak for all of my brothers when I say that Ms. Garrison’s suggested title is perfect.  We approve.”

George nodded dismissively.  “If using that name is what gets us to move on to other matters, then by all means, let’s use it.”

The name was officially approved.  However, the Vaaldeen still had to come up with a name that would work with their native language.  This order of business took much longer.  The Great Orator, having greater familiarity with this own language, couldn’t accept any proposals from his people without picking them apart.  He was also just as hard on his own ideas.  Adam and his fellow humans, none of whom could understand a word of what they were now saying, had to sit through the entire painful ordeal.

At one point, Adam leaned over and whispered to Layla, “I feel like I’m about to drown in my own boredom.”

Layla leaned over and smiled.  She hovered only a couple of inches away, and Adam’s senses became clouded her proximity.  “If you do, take me with you.  It would have to be better than this.”

“Be careful,” he warned playfully.  “We’ll start sounding like George in a minute.”

“I can hear you, you know,” George interjected.

Everyone else in the room seemed to be ignoring the three of them, so they talked amongst themselves while a heated debate about word choice continued around them.  Adam personally wished that George hadn’t joined their conversation, though this feeling had nothing to do with any ill will held toward the man.  He simply wanted to have Layla to himself.

At long last, the Great Orator gave approval to some kind of name composed of alien syllables that made no sense to Adam’s ears.  They moved on to the real planning that would compose the actual bulk of their mission.

As it turned out, Layla had a suggestion for that too.  “Bibble wants to get a hold of the nanotechnology, but I’ve managed to keep it from him so far.  I have access to all the nanobots we could ever need, and I think I should give Bibble what he wants.”  A mildly maniacal laugh escaped her lips.  “After they’ve been properly reprogrammed, of course.”

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  1. Interesting story fragment. After my NaNo madness, I will go back and read from the beginning.

    One small point, though - do the human characters know for sure that the Valdeens are talking about language choices, or could they be talking about what they had for dinner, or the stink of human in the room, or the latest Valdeen fad....?

    Language barriers can present interesting plot twists.... =)

    Nice to meet you on the A to Z trail - I, too, am posting a story series this month! You can find me at