Monday, April 22, 2013

S: Searching for Something Mysterious

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Searching for Something Mysterious

The preliminaries of a plan had been drawn up, but all of it was contingent upon finding the manpower to reprogram the nanos.  Layla knew plenty about the technology, but she would need some good engineers to help her.  The next issue would be to find them.

Adam walked away from the meeting feeling hopeful about a few things, and one of those things was the fact that Layla walked out with him.  She had her hands jammed into her pockets, and the corner of her mouth was turned up in a smirk.  “So, do you think sending George to find engineers is a good idea?”

George had volunteered for the mission, which was odd in and of itself.  If he was so sure they would fail, why bother to make the effort?  Of course, the choice did make some kind of sense.  Layla had to get on with her own work regarding the nanos, and Adam was barred from going anywhere you could hope to find anyone respectable.  The knights would attract too much unwanted attention given that they went everywhere in their armor.  “It’ll be all right.  Who could resist his personality?”

Layla patted his shoulder, triggering a cascade of sensations that weakened his knees.  “Remember, not everyone loves sarcasm the way I do.  If you’re going to be our top secret poster boy that no one’s going to know about for years to come, you need to watch that.”

“You’re right.  I need to work on my charm.  Maybe a quotable line will sell our cause,” he joked.  “How about this?  An A.P.P.L.E. a day keeps the magistrate away.”

When Layla laughed this time, her face glowed.  He couldn’t take his eyes off her.  “You’re funny,” she replied at last.  “I like that.”

This compliment emboldened Adam.  “Why did you decide to focus this on my story, anyway?  I’m just a normal guy who tends to get stuck in odd situations.”

“That’s one of your best qualities.  People can relate to you.”  She sighed as she stopped in her tracks.  As she turned to face him, his heart jumped.  “The reasons I gave in that meeting were good ones, and they were real.  Still, I have a feeling about you.  It’s like you’re important for some reason that I can’t quite understand.  I look at you, and I want to figure you out, but I can’t get there.  Not yet.”

I want you to try.  He considered reaching out to touch her, but something held him back.  Fear perhaps?  All of his past relationships ended badly.  The incident involving a go kart, a peach, and a turtle almost scared him out of dating altogether.  Now here he stood, tempted to do something that could complicate a situation that already went far beyond complicated.

The fragile moment shattered as George bumped past them both.  “I apologize in advance if I come back plastered in feathers,” he called back.  “It tends to happen when I go to frat parties.”

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  1. Now I want to hear about the go kart, the peach, and the turtle!

  2. I'm seconding Alex's comment. That's too good to pass up!

  3. That has to be a mariokart reference!