Friday, May 31, 2013

Celebrate the Small Things-Week 20

It's Friday once again, and that means it's time to Celebrate the Small Things with VikLit!

The state of Iowa has seen a lot of flooding this week.  On Sunday we got trapped in Zearing when all the roads leading out of town were covered with rising waters.  Luckily, the rain subsided and we were eventually able to get out.  It certainly made for a memorable experience.

Even with all the rain, our own town of Radcliffe is staying pretty dry, so that's good.

We saw Star Trek Into Darkness this past Sunday.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It's always nice to see a movie in the theater.  We don't get to do that much since we have two small children.

We took the kids on a long walk through a nice park on Monday.  It was an enjoyable family outing for all of us.

I got a lot of detail cleaning done earlier this week, so the house is looking better than normal right now.  That's always nice.


  1. I so want to go to the thearter to see this movie, just need to con someone into it! ;)

    Sounds like an interesting day, but so glad you and yours are high and dry!

    Lovely, to be outside now - love spring!

    Happy Friday!

  2. Glad the waters receded. That's always a scary feeling.

  3. Gosh I love the first two days after I do major cleaning... then the twins and the hubby decide they like things better their way o_0

    I went to see Star Trek the Saturday after it came out and enjoyed it also, with our two yr olds we hardly go to the movies also. So I give you a huge YAY for that one, I understand ;)

  4. Great movies and a clean house - sounds like a perfect celebration to me! :)

  5. Great things to celebrate and as always, I love that you're able to appreciate the small things in life. They add up!

  6. Wow serious flooding there! Glad you're safe. I know what you mean--I rarely get to the theaters anymore, but certain films just have to be seenon the big screen. Star trek being one of them!

  7. I am glad you are okay from the flooding. And that you got to see Star Trek - I loved it!

  8. I'm celebrating with you that you're alright after all the flooding.

    Clean is good while it lasts and - with children - well I'll celebrate that with you too...

  9. The flooding must have been really bad to have you trapped like that L.G. The weather is so weird these days.