Monday, May 20, 2013

Musing About A Relaxing Weekend

My weekend was extremely relaxed.  The most stressful thing my husband and I did was take our kids to the park, and that was more fun than anything else.  We ended up letting the boys run around the baseball diamond for awhile too, which they really seemed to enjoy.  Maybe they'll play baseball when they get older. Who knows?  As nonathletic as I am, I used to be a pretty decent softball pitcher when I was a kid.

The kids and I also played with sidewalk chalk on the patio.  We practiced letters, numbers,  shapes, and drew lots of pictures of flowers.  Then we accidentally left the chalk out, and it rained overnight.  Oh well.  We needed to get more anyway. The kids had already worn most of the chalk down.

Exciting things like trips can be good for your creativity, but so can weekends like this.  Having a relaxing couple of days can boost your creative energy. That's what it seems to have done for me.  I'm eager to get to work on my writing.

Most of this week will be simple.  I need to keep up with my blogging schedule, and I'm still working away at my edits for Adam's Apple.  My husband got around to reading the whole story this weekend, and he offered some perspective on what I could expand upon to improve the story.  I agree with a lot of what he said, and I look forward to working on fleshing the story out further.

I would also like to take the time to remind all of you that the Towel Day Blogfest is this weekend.  It runs from Friday, May 24th to Monday, May 27th.  Only one post is required, and it must simply pay homage to the late and great Douglas Adams and his fantastic work.  Simple, right?  

If you haven't yet signed up and would like to, I'll be keeping the linky list open through the end of the blogfest.  

So long for now.  Thanks for all the fish!


  1. Happy Monday, L G!

    Sounds like a lovely weekend. Hope you week is just as wonderful!

  2. Sounds like you needed a calm weekend to recharge.