Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Weird and Wonderful Words

I decided today to share a few words with bizarre meanings.  Why?  I love weird words!  These words may never be useful in everyday life (unless you want to sound pretentious or pompous), though they could always come up in a crossword puzzle.

Ktenology-the science of putting people to death

Dactylion-the end of your middle finger

Biblioclasm-the act of ceremoniously destroying books

Hobbledehoy-an awkward youth/teenager

Petrichor-the smell of rain falling on dry earth

Mesonoxian-pertaining to midnight

Nudiustertian-the day before yesterday

Kakorrhaphiophobia-fear of failure

These are just a few of the crazy and interesting words that language has to offer. Would you like to share any obscure or unusual words that you particularly like?


  1. OHhh, I learned many new words here today :) I didn't know any of these. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I know hobbledehoy in another context - funny take over on teens. Lol! I think it'd take forever for me to remember these words.

  3. I knew a few of those.
    Those kinds of words are fun to use in dialogue to stump someone, but not so much in writing. Stump your reader and he quits reading.

  4. I keep to the simple, cause I am. :)
    But love those words, and so just for fun I wrote this, and it should explain why I keep it simple!
    Despite her Kakorrhaphiophobia, Renee writes stories of Ktenology, although it may make some may want to perform the horrid act of Biblioclasm. Renee, a former Hobbledehoy, points with her Dactylion, and insists that no matter what your opinion of her writing, you can't argue the fact that Petrichor is the most wholesome of odors, especially when experienced near Mesonoxixzn around Nudiustertian.

  5. I wonder if you can say that you Ktenologized someone instead of killing them? Great list.

  6. These are amazing. I can hear it now..."I'm pointing my Dactylion at you!" I'm going to have to start using these words regularly.

  7. Thanks for the information... I really love your blog posts... specially those on Local Tamil News

  8. Oh, wow- I LOVE these! And now i'm buzzin ith the need to put them into stories. Thanks so much for sharing them!