Wednesday, July 10, 2013

FSF: Flight

I decided to use my typical Wednesday post as a way to catch up with Five Sentence Fiction. The holiday weekend threw me off of my normal posting schedule, but I didn't want to miss out on this past week's prompt entirely. Lillie's chosen word for this week was FLIGHT.

Those of you who've missed previous chapters of this ongoing story can find the entire narrative on this PAGE.

Chapter 38: Flight

Warberry was an unsettling sort of host to have, but all things considered, Ylana had grown accustomed to interacting with unsettling people on a regular basis.

“My people have the ability to enchant inanimate objects, to give them a special kind of sight, as it were,” he’d explained as he poured her a drink of some unidentified hot beverage, “and in fact, the enchantment that gives the goggles of fate their sight is one of mine.” 

He looked at her knowingly, and Ylana wondered if he truly knew all the details of how she had come to be here.  “You said you know why I’m here, so perhaps we should get down to business before it’s too late.”

“However,” he continued wistfully, “as certain as I am that I can help your friend, I am not sure that it would do her much good, because I have foreseen that something terrible will soon take flight, something that will set the skies ablaze.”

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