Wednesday, October 23, 2013

FSF: Malicious Intent

I'm a little late this time around, but I'm taking the time now for some Five Sentence Fiction!  The prompt this week is MALICE.

Those of you who have not read the previous chapters of the ongoing "Unchained" saga may find the whole story HERE.

Chapter 50: Malicious Intent

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Victor Habbick/
Ylana held her fists tight against her sides, because she knew if she gave herself even an inch, she was likely to attack someone.  “This is all your fault?” she growled, her voice lower and more menacing than it had ever been.

The leader of the Rehani bowed its head slightly as it replied, You must understand, we were a young and foolish race when we embarked on this project, and we never imagined we would spend millennia struggling to contain and remedy our mistakes.

Can there ever be a remedy for this? Ylana wondered as she shot a look to Nara, who appeared just as stunned and sickened as she felt.

The truth was indeed an ugly one: the Kryllians were genetically engineered by the Rehani to be soldiers, and they were made to reproduce with the destructive sludge because the necessity of a host species gave the Kryllians all the incentive they needed to conquer.

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