Thursday, October 10, 2013

FSF: Planetary Saviors

It's time once again for Five Sentence Fiction!  The prompt for this week is ENRAPTURE.  That's an excellent word, isn't it?

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Chapter 49: Planetary Saviors

The Rehani were certainly a sight to behold, with their long, lean frames, and translucent bodies that glowed slightly, reminiscent of the way sunlight plays on water.

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Though the Rehani were an unknown species (at least as far as Nara, Ylana, and everyone else they’d spoken with were concerned), they had no difficulty with communication.  Their telepathic communications effortlessly leapt over every linguistic barrier, and their natural grace left Ylana enraptured.

The fact that they’d also swooped in and saved this world from the Kryllians, and the thought that they could perhaps liberate her people, added to her sense of reverence.

However, as she and Nara stepped into the meeting that had been arranged with the captain of the Rehani ship, neither of the women could have anticipated the shocking revelation that awaited them.


  1. Oh dear! Could it be that these creatures are not so lovely in demeanor as they appear to be on the surface?

  2. Dum dum DUMMMMMM!

    What a place to leave off at! Excellent prose, as always!

  3. Now, I want to know the next part!!!

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