Thursday, December 19, 2013

FSF: Those Infernal Silver Bells

It's time once again for Five Sentence Fiction.  The word for this week is SILVER.

I wanted to do something fun this time around.  Here's the result.  I hope you enjoy it!

Those Infernal Silver Bells

This time of year is difficult for people like me, though I hardly think anyone takes that into consideration when selecting their holiday adornments.  And no, this has nothing to do with religion, because while I am not religious myself, I take no issue with people expressing their beliefs.

I must concede that yes, silver bells are pretty (there’s an entire song about them for crying out loud), but every time I see them hanging from a door or a hat, my muscles go so rigid with fright that people might assume I’d been literally frozen by the cold.

Lycanthropes have feelings too, and while most of those bells are in fact made of cheap plastic with only the thinnest layer of coating that’s probably never been anywhere near a piece of real silver, one can hardly blame me for being jumpy.  Still, my medical condition is my own burden to bear, so if I see you in the street with those infernal silver bells sewn into your ugly Christmas sweater, I won’t bite your head off (unless of course there happens to be a full moon, in which case I apologize in advance).


  1. Oh, that was very fun, lol. Perhaps I'll refrain from wearing silver bells on my shirt or hat this year. Never can be too careful :)


  2. Haha Apology acknowledge, but not necessarily accepted! lol

  3. Ha, really enjoyed this. Always good to think about those who may be suffering during the holidays. Nice work!

  4. I am so thankful I do not wear bells...just sayin'...