Thursday, January 30, 2014

FSF: Frozen

It's time once again for Five Sentence Fiction!  The word for this week is FROZEN.  It's certainly an appropriate word for this time of year, at least where I come from.


Entranced by the bird sitting on the ice-covered pond, Malcolm inched forward, his camera clutched in his cold-reddened hands.  The only thing that mattered in that moment was capturing the perfect picture, and his focus prevented him from noticing a few crucial details, the most important of which was the sound of the ice cracking beneath his feet.

Suddenly, the ice gave way, plunging him into the frozen darkness.  His camera slipped from his grip, but that didn’t register as his brain fought to catch up with what was happening.  Needles of cold pierced his body, drawing the warmth from his skin as his heavy limbs struggled to propel him from his chilling nightmare.


  1. Another excellent flash fiction piece. Does he make it out alive???? I must know!

  2. Great! Like Robin, I wonder if he gets out alive too? :-)

  3. An well-told story describing the protagonist's single-mindedness in pursuit of his goal. I hope he manages to extricate himself (I suspect he's a gonner, mind).

  4. Caught up in one's own world in wrong way. Good read,

    I am here:

  5. I have a paranoia about frozen water. Great story.

  6. A great take on the prompt. I liked the way you left us all wondering if he got out alive.