Wednesday, April 23, 2014

T is for Thaumaturgy

I came across the word "thaumaturgy" online, and within five minutes, this little drabble was born.  I had a great time writing this one, though it was so difficult limiting it to 100 words. My hands kept wanting to write more!


Craigslist ads attract all kinds. 

Stacy was searching for someone to fix her computer.  A man called a couple hours later, offering to do the job. 

When she opened the door to let him in, she was startled by the long purple robe he wore.  Great.   I got a weird one, she thought.

“Are you qualified to fix computers?” she asked hesitantly.

“I am a thaumaturgist,” he replied calmly.

“A what?”

“Thaumaturgy is the ability to perform magic.”

Her eyebrow arched quizzically.  “You’re a magician?  Why didn’t you say that instead?”

He smiled.  “You would have thought I was crazy.”


  1. well ain't that a tongue tickler of a word!

  2. Haven't heard this word before and love the drabble. What will she do with him?
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  3. LOL! Fixing computers does equal working magic :D
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  4. I can see why you wanted to keep writing, I want to keep reading!

  5. LOL! I agree with Laura Clipson - I wanted to keep reading this story!