Friday, October 24, 2014

Spooktoberfest: Infection

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My entry is exactly 300 words.  What can I say?  I have a hard time restraining myself sometimes.  It took longer to cut my story down to 300 words than it did to write the first draft, but since that's part of the challenge


It’s dark because I can’t open my eyes.  I try again, but they’re stuck shut by some kind of slimy goop.

“The test subject Amy Rohan is 10 years old.  She will henceforth be designated as Patient 8347.”  The voice is deep.  It’s a man, and he sounds even more unfriendly than my neighbor Mr. Horace.

There’s a commotion to my left (commotion was our vocabulary word in school last week).  It's the rustle of fabric.

“The injection’s ready.”  This voice is softer, a woman’s, and her words send a chill through me.  They’re going to give me a shot.  I hate shots.

A pain in my left arm makes me jump, but I can’t move far.  Straps are holding me still.  My eyes are watering, but the tears can’t get out.

“The experimental serum was administered at 1430 hours,” the man says.  “8347 started exhibiting symptoms of the Hillson virus 48 hours ago.  We hope to ascertain whether the serum, in combination with immersion therapy, can be effective at this stage of infection.”

My heart squeezes painfully.  Mom's called Hillson virus a curse since it took Daddy away.  If I’m sick now . . . is Mom sick too?

A piercing squeal startles me, and I’m moving.  My stomach flutters, and I know I’m going downward.  Something cold and wet hits my skin.  It’s too thick to be water, and it smells like floor cleaner.  My eyes are still closed, but it’s getting darker somehow.  My heart speeds up as the wet stuff flows over my face.

Holding my breath, I wish I was cocooned in my blankets at home.  Mommy would read me a story.  I’d be safe there. 

Soon my lungs are burning.  I need to breathe, but if I do . . .

I gasp and the icy sludge fills my chest.


  1. aww that poor little girl. A horrific insight into what it's like to be a human test subject. Great piece :)

  2. Holy moly, what's next?! Talking about trying to catch your own breath while reading this! Wonderful entry. Thanks for doing Spooktoberfest again this year.

  3. Would love to see what happens next!

  4. Sounds like she's in dire straights! What next?

  5. Yuck, drowning is my worst fear. The cure seems worse than the virus. good job on the creepyness and world building LG.

  6. This creeped me out.

  7. OMG love this!!!!!!!!!! Love love love. Awesome story.

  8. The feeling of being suffocated terrifies me to death! I really had to take a deep breath at the end of this. Amazing entry!

  9. Oh man, I want to know more!!

  10. Amazing entry, Laura! Thanks for participating in Spooktoberfest!