Thursday, April 9, 2015

H is for Hire

Hey there!  I'm back again, and this time I have a little piece of flash fiction for you.

Today's word: HIRE



The job market is tough these days, even if you have a marketable skill.  There are too many people, and not enough positions.  If you want to get anywhere professionally, you need to know how to create demand.
Coming to this realization shaped every inch of my life that followed.
With my state-of-the-art mini missile launcher slung over my shoulder, I make my way to my next mark.  The InterGal Communications building is the sort of sprawling monstrosity you’d expect from a multi-trillion dollar company.  They have the market cornered when it comes to inter galactic communications.  If you want to contact a family member on a distant colony, you have to go through them.  That might explain why they charge so much for their services too.
Not that I’m any better.  I charge more for my services than most people make in a year.  Hey, there are risks involved.  I’m not sitting pretty in an office somewhere calling the shots while someone else gets their hands dirty.  I’m in the field every day.
I take up my position on a grassy knoll.  Yeah, I enjoy little details like that.  I’m facing the wing of the building that houses R&D.  This is where their engineers work to improve the communications network.  There are some brilliant minds in there.
I balance the mini missile launcher on my shoulder, and with a quick check to make sure everything is aligned, I pull the trigger.
The resulting explosion knocks me on my back, and the heat reminds me of cooking out with a barbeque grill on a warm summer day.  Mmmm.  That sounds nice right about now.
I stand up and stroll back to my awaiting vehicle.  When I get back, I can inform my anxious client that InterGal Communications will soon be looking for skilled engineers.  He just may be able to get the job this time around, and I’ll get paid a tidy sum.


  1. Excellent flash fiction - to the point and a bit naughty. anne stenhouse

  2. You write such great stuff!!!

  3. I really liked this.


  4. J here, stopping by from the #atozchallenge 2015!
    Great post. LOL. The REAL reason the Death Star was blown up.