Wednesday, April 8, 2015

G is for Grouse and a Grammar Infographic

Here I am to present to you a grand tribute to the gallant letter G.  Can G actually be gallant? I don't know, but I felt like saying it, so I did.  Today I have another drabble for you.  I have drawn inspiration from today's word and condensed it into exactly 100 words.

Today's word: GROUSE

There are two definitions of this word, but since there are no birds present, I think you can assume I went with the other definition, which is to complain.



Colin sat in his car smoking a cigarette.  His mother would kill him if she knew.  As it was, she was already considering kicking him out of the house.
Alone in the high school parking lot, he waited.
The cover of night cast the school in shadow.  It looked like an entirely different place.
A couple of minutes later, the short, plump form of Mel Davenport appeared and slipped into the passenger seat.  A bruise marred her left cheek.
“My dad’s hitting me again.”
Colin nodded.  “My mom says I’m nothing but a disappointment.”
Mel nodded in understanding.  “That sucks.”

And since we're doing the letter G today, I thought I'd share an interesting infographic that has to do with grammar.  One of my favorite TV shows, Red Dwarf, is mentioned, so I just had to share it.  This comes from

Singing the Praises of Television Theme Songs

My takeaway is that proper grammar never hurts!


  1. My blog post for G hasn't posted yet (it's still E day here) and I chose Grammar, because I suck at it. I loved your song list!

    Grouse was a great choice, too. It's not used very often, so it was nice to highlight it with a fun piece.

    You can find me here:

  2. Oops, I meant F day! My E day word was exhaustion and my resulting typos ;)

  3. Family Guy was grammatically correct - now that is funny.
    Those kids are a sad pair.

  4. Lol! I received an email about this infographic yesterday! I never thought of embracing the G in Grammar to share it! Awesome job!

  5. Glad to see The Golden Girls featured too, Great infographic and enjoyed the grouse. :-)
    Pleased I found you through the A-Z Challenge

  6. Hey LG! I really liked your little piece for grouse. The graphic w/the Golden Girls was funny. I used to love that show. Have a great day and I'll continue checking in. Eva

  7. I enjoyed you grouse story. Actually this is a word that I use... I just like it? It's a much bolder way to say "stop your complaining:.

  8. Great grouse story. I think was have gotten more permissive, and sloppy, with grammar. Some teachers say that incorrect spellings, trying to be cute, should not be allowed in signs, books, anything, because it reinforces the wrong way to spell or use a word.

    I'm singing Gilligan's theme song in my head, searching for it's poor grammar!
    Play off the Page