Monday, October 24, 2016

Spooktoberfest 2016: Truth Or Dare

Halloween is fast approaching, and you know what that means!  It's time for the 5th Annual Spooktoberfest!  Thanks to Dani and Jax for hosting this fun event!

Truth Or Dare

“No way!” Terri cried.  “The closest I want to come to a graveyard on Halloween is a Tombstone pizza!”
Annabelle giggled, the flickering firelight playing across her alabaster skin.  “This is truth or dare.  If you’re not willing to take the dare, you shouldn’t be playing.”
Austin kicked a log deeper into the campfire with a work boot.  “Maybe you should pick better dares, Annabelle.  There’s nothing fun about going to a graveyard.”
Annabelle rolled her eyes.  “The point of a dare is to get someone to push their limits.  You’re supposed to feel uncomfortable.  You only object to my dare because you want to use your magic powers of seduction to woo Terri.”
Terri’s eyes widened.  “Is that true?”
Austin choked, his hand flying to his chest.  A moment later, he cleared his throat.  “Don’t listen to her.  She’s jealous because I turned her down.  Messing with people’s feelings makes her feel better.”
Annabelle grinned.  “Lie to yourself if it makes you feel better.  It only proves truth is more frightening than dare, especially if you’ve lived a somewhat interesting life.”  She turned back to Terri.  “Would you rather have truth?”
Terri nodded.
“Fine.”  Annabelle took a drink of her beer, her black hair falling back to expose her pale throat.  “Okay, Terri.  Do you think Austin is attractive?”
A moment passed before Terri nodded, her cheeks flushed.
Austin sat forward.  “Really?”
Annabelle slugged him in the shoulder.  “It’s Terri’s turn to ask now, not yours.  You’ll have to wait.”
“Okay,” Terri said.  “Annabelle, truth or dare?”
“Truth, of course.  I love living on the wild side.”
Terri smiled shyly.  “What’s your deepest, darkest secret?”
Annabelle stood, brushing the dust from her jeans.  “Follow me.  I’ll show you.”
Austin looked hopeful as he stood to follow.
The three of them soon stood behind a dilapidated barn.  It was too dark to see more than fuzzy outlines.  “How are you going to show us something when we can’t see?” Austin asked.
He never got a verbal response.  Instead, he felt the blinding pain of something solid colliding with his skull.  He collapsed in a heap, groaning.  Austin struggled to focus, and he was barely able to make out the shape of a machete in Annabelle’s hand.
“Don’t worry.  We won’t kill you right away,” Terri said reassuringly.
Annabelle nodded.  “She’s right.  I like to play with my food first.”

Word Count: 399