Infomania-Part 2B

You know you should ask about it, but this session has gone on long enough already.  Unfortunately, group dynamics aren’t so easily controlled.
“He’s writing about me!  You have to stop him before he tells the feds where I am!”  Selene dives behind the back of her chair.
Walter laughs.  He’s in his thirties, but the sagging skin around his eyes makes him look almost sixty.  “I’m the one with drug issues, and I’m less delusional than the rest of you put together!”
“Make him stop!” Selene screams.
Robin continues to scribble furiously.
You’re trying to decide what to do to reign things in when Imogene stands and pulls something from her pocket.

A.)   If Imogene pulls out a knife, click HERE.

B.)   If Imogene pulls out a small bag of candy, click HERE.

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