The guy is obviously having a terrible day, and your empathy makes it impossible for you to walk away.  You step up beside him and ask, “Sir, are you okay?”
“No, how can I be okay?”  He points to hood, and you see that the damage is extreme.  That car is never going anywhere except for a junkyard.  The guy is lucky to be alive.  “There was someone in the road.  I swerved to avoid them, and look what happened!”
You immediately scan the intersection, and you spot a little girl in a red dress standing in the middle of the road.  You’d wonder how you didn’t spot her before, but the accident had dominated your attention.
She walks over to the man hunched over his car, and you immediately see that something is off.  The way she scrapes her feet, and the green pallor of her skin.  You’ve seen enough zombie flicks to know what this is, but you’re paralyzed with fear.
She opens her mouth, but instead of speaking, she sinks her teeth into the flesh on the man’s thigh.
Okay.  Helping was a bad idea.

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