A sharp pain in your leg prompts you to look down, and you see that you’re awkwardly entangled with a wooden chair. That’s definitely embarrassing.
Within a few moments, you manage to free yourself, but not before everyone in your immediate vicinity notices.  They’re all staring at you.  Fortunately, you’re accustomed to being the odd one, so you don’t panic.  Instead, you stand, trying to hold yourself upright with dignity.
Upon a more thorough inspection, you see that the chair is broken.  The front two legs must have snapped when you plowed into it.
You return your attention to the awaiting beer coasters.  Those will make you feel better.
Then, out of the corner of your eye, you see a big, burly man making his way toward you.

A.)   If you make your way to the bar in the hopes of avoiding him, click HERE.
B.)   If you stay to find out what he wants, click HERE.

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  1. What an interesting word and blogging style. I guess there are addictions in every form, shape and color. :)